RKG FundRaising Services

Leadership You Can Trust


Donna Shelley-Baumler, President of RKG, is a highly qualified leader in the field with over 37 years of experience in design and fundraising, particularly with Catholic organizations. Donna is widely recognized for the warm, personalized attention she gives every client, as well as her passionate commitment to ensuring successful outcomes by crafting the perfect message and attending to every detail. The entire team at RKG helps plan and execute high-quality projects.

“RKG is not a nameless, faceless company. Clients are often surprised by how much we engage them in partnership, and how responsive we are to their individual needs and concerns. Our team approach not only makes clients happy – it is also the key to their long-term fundraising success. From start to finish, our clients know they are in good hands – and that’s a great feeling!”

- Donna Shelley-Baumler, RKG President 


RKG has been a Corporate Partner with the NCDC (National Catholic Development Conference) since 1980, and we are proud to serve them as our client.