RKG FundRaising Services

Listen - Develop - Execute - Continue Striving

We listen to you, our client, learning all we can about your mission and core values.
We develop creative new strategies to engage past, present and future donors.
We execute programs – from eye-catching graphics to powerful copy, we pay meticulous attention to detail in order to get it just right.
We continue striving  – through statistical analysis and feedback, we use new information to make the next project an even greater success for you.

What is the RKG Difference?

A passion for excellence

At RKG we never settle for "good enough.” Donors have more choices than ever in today’s world. In addition to effective messaging, often the “little things” are what make the difference between an ordinary package that gets lost in the shuffle, and one that gets a high response rate. That’s why our team has a passion for excellence from start to finish, paying meticulous attention to detail for every one of our clients. 

The process - our ‘team approach’

Every client should be happy with the entire fundraising process, in addition to the product. As you help us get to know your organization, RKG will empower you with knowledge about effective donor cultivation strategies that honor your mission and values. The best results come from sharing our strengths in a true partnership.

Going the extra mile for you

With RKG by your side, you will receive an unparalleled degree of personal attention. Our availability to you is second to none, and we will always respond quickly to address your needs and concerns.

Respecting your donors

As the poet Maya Angelou said, “Giving liberates the soul of the giver.” Your donors are intelligent and deserve respect, not gimmicks. They know authenticity when they see it. RKG creates new giving opportunities that genuinely appeal to the hearts and minds of your donors, resulting in solid, long-term support for your organization. 

Competitive, fair pricing

With RKG, you will discover affordable solutions without hidden charges or surprises. As in all our activities, RKG’s fee structure is grounded in core principles of fairness, honesty and integrity at all times.

How We Can Help

At RKG we cover all the bases from concept and strategy to copy, design, graphics and printing, personalization, list selection, mail services and statistical analysis.

Our team produces a wide variety of fundraising programs and materials, including acquisition and direct mail packages, recurrent donor programs, capital campaigns, newsletters, planned giving materials, enrollment programs and more.

Sample Work